Raku Kiln Lid Part 1

Sadly the lid of the raku kiln I use is reaching the limit of being reparable, it’s really begining to crack, unwind and break up. As much as I enjoy reparing it with bits of kiln wire and cement, it really does need replacing urgently so I have decided to try to build my own. Thanks to James Otter of Potclays for his excellent technical advice.

Laying out the bricks.

This is the first stage, laying out the spare kiln bricks I have accumulated and scoring a line marking the circumference of my kiln, its 23.5 inches in diameter or exactly 5 standard kiln brick widths, I’m sure thats not a coincidence.
Next step will be tidying the bricks up a bit before cementing them together with some kiln cement. I’ll try and post my progress as I go along…